Focused on your needs

Most real estate agents are primarily focused on their sales business and spend most of their resources there. This means that their property management business is more often than not under resourced and run with under trained and under motivated personnel.  The result of this structure is that clients are typically treated to second tier service.

GR8 Property Managements core business is looking after our investment property owners.  This means the GR8 team is focused 100% on providing you with an outstanding property management service.

The team at GR8 recognise that as well as being the manager of your investment property we are also entering into a relationship every time we appoint a new client to our business.  At GR8 we build our business on these relationships and we build these relationships on a foundation of 5 Core Values.  From this foundation we can easily deliver our Brand Promise


Many of the GR8 team are property investors in their own right so we understand what it means to be an investment property owner. We understand what’s important to an investment property owner, rent on time all the time and no arrears to mention a few. You need a property manager that understands your portfolio and who understands what is important to you.

The fact that you are trusting us with an asset worth many hundreds of thousands of dollars is not lost on us.  We understand that like any other business you want to minimise outlays while maximising your income, and we also understand what you need to be informed about and what you don’t need to be bothered with. Quite simply we will keep you informed.

Experience & Expertise

To be professional you need to be highly organised, to be organised you need to have quality systems. We have developed, tested, corrected, updated and use our own industry leading property management systems, systems that we developed and that work for you, not systems that are simply developed as a tool to market a real estate business franchise system.  Our property management systems are exclusive to GR8 Property and you.

Our team consists of highly experienced professionals with many years of property management   experience, working to an entrenched culture, built on a platform of the 5 Core Values that allow us to deliver on our Brand Promise

We are happy to and insist on investing in continuous professional development for our team   members, we maintain a constant awareness of ability to adapt to technology that is beneficial, not simply gimmicky, to ensure that our team are at the forefront of the industry and able to offer outstanding service to our clients at all times.


We recognise that the single greatest complaint about property managers is a lack of effective communication.  Remembering that your investment property represents a significant financial commitment and value to you, we understand that you need to be kept aware of all important   developments affecting your property. We ensure that you are never left in the dark or surprised in a way that you would rather not be.

  • We provide you with a detailed inspection report, including photos, for every inspection we complete
  • The GR8 team are held accountable for keeping you informed at all times. It is regularly reinforced in our training sessions and documented in the procedures that we operate by and forms part of their key performance indicators under which bonus salary amounts are paid, aligning your needs with theirs

Make your job of being an investment property owner that much easier and ensure that you get yourself a professional, best practice property manager  – choose GR8 Property Management to look after your investment property portfolio.